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9th March 2016 - 0 Comments

locksmithglasgowdoorrepairservice-r.jpgHere's a job I did this week. The door wouldn't lock. It was a UPVC door old style latch only mechanism.

The mechanism in terms of security was rubbish and easily opened even if the door could be locked.

The handles for this door were 70 centers and the new ones were larger, but the old handles had been bodged and were looking worst for wear.

The lock. The barrel lock was sticking and as always with my mechanism upgrades I always change the cylinder and provide at least 3 keys.


newcenterkeeplocksmithglasgow-r.jpgBecause this was an upgrade the frame had to have the fercility to take the dead bolt.

So I removed the old latch keep and fitted a new adjustable center keep.

I used the proper packers and not pieces of cardboard or wood to position the keep in the right position.




The old handles were in a bit of a state, and you could see the holes in the plastic veneer were the handles were not fitted correctly.

I opted for a lever lever handle sprung built in springs not the cheap detachable ones and fitted the handles with the mechanism so that no holes could be seen.

I fitted a chrome lock 3 keys.


Cost complete job including upgrade mechanism, new lock 3 keys, new handles sprung in white, new center keep, full door realignment and fitting. £180.

For more information please visit our website A.L.S. door repair service or call 07712445612 and ask for Steve.




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