Lock Fitting Service

We can upgrade or fit additional security to your windows and doors but will never fit anything you don’t need. Affordable Locksmith operate an honest service were reputation matters. References are available at your request.

Mortice Lock Fitting

Fitting and changing mortise locks in and around Glasgow and DumbartonA.L.S. fit as standard 5 lever BS3621:2007 locks compliant with your insurance policy.

Well what does this mean, whats the difference?

  • A mortise lock is fitted with levers. These levers dictate the cuts on your key. The more levers that are fitted the harder it becomes to bypass the levers and extract the bolt from the keep.
  • On a BS3621 lock the levers are protected by an anti pick curtain. What this does is stop the manipulation of these levers from anyone looking to gain access without the aid of a key.
  • Externally a BS3621 lock is protected on both sides by hardened steel plates. These plates protect the levers from drill attack. 
  • The keep of the lock is solid steel so the bolt when thrown is encased in a solid steel housing.
  • The bolt is 20mm long and is saw resistant.
  • Below the dead bolt on the lock lock face plate it is stamped with a kite mark logo and the inscription BS3621, British Standard.

Yale Lock Fitting

Fitting and changing Yale locksAffordable locksmith provide a Yale lock fitting and lock replacement service. We also provide professional lock installations to conventional and storm doors.

There are 4 main Yale locks that we fit or replace

  • Budget - mainly for bedroom doors that have to comply with H.M.O. requirements
  • Modern - Fitted on external doors
  • Roller bolt - External doors, better security
  • British Standard Yale high security locks - Insurance approved.

Window Locks

Your insurance policy states "that if a window is accessable without the aid of a ladder then keyed window locks should be installed."

A.L.S. Locksmith can fit any type of lock to any kind of window. We advise that taking your insurance requirements advice or not you should consider fitting keyed security window locks to all windows in your home.

We will come to your home and access the state of your home security. We will advise on the type and number of window locks required and then arrange a time and date suitable to upgrade your window home security.

Other Locks

A.L.S. fit all manner of locks to doors and windows like combination locks, gate locks and locks to bedroom doors.

For more information please call 07712445612 and ask for Steve. Free of any obligation.