UPVC Door Jammed Shut

Don't worry A.L.S. Locksmith can help. The door can be opened without damaging the door and repaired. Sometimes better than new. Meaning you can save on the cost of a new door. 

  • Repairs carried out in a fast and timely manner.
  • The client is kept informed at all times should parts have to be ordered.
  • At no time will the door be left unsecure.
  • The door lock will be upgraded.
  • If the mechanism is obsolete then a replacement will be sourced.
  • We don't use repair mechanisms as these are of low quality.
  • All work comes with a 12 month guarantee.
  • any parts like keeps, lock cylinder are included in the job.
  • No vat is charged.

You don't need a new door. Just call A.L.S. Locksmith and your door will be opened and repaired sometimes all within a single visit.

UPVC door jammed shut - call 077 12 4456 12 and ask for Steve.