Door Mechanism Repair

7th August 2015 - 1 Comment

Door Mechanism Repair GlasgowA call from a client. He was concerned about his mother leaving the door unlocked while she was at home alone.

I arranged a visit and we decided to introduce a split spindle to the mechanism allowing the door to be opened from the inside by using the handle but not from the outside. The problem was his mechanism was a Roto type 2 hook. This mechanism then had to be replaced.

Door Mechanism RepairThe problem was getting something to fit into the mortised parts of the door. I did not want to just put in a 4 roller as this is a down grade so I hit the manuals and found something that with a little alterations would fit.

I found the Winkhaus. The hooks were bigger than the Roto so it turned out to be an upgrade.

I ordered the mechanism and split spindle and arranged with the son to make a visit 3 days latter.

As usual I sent a text before arriving. The son wasnn't going to be there but one of the mothers carers was going to be present. 

I stripped out the old mechanism and fit the new mechanism to the door. Making sure the split spindle was handed to the right way of opening I refit the handles and fitted the lock. I never changed the lock as the home was visited by numerous carers and besides it was still in good working order and didn't need to be changed.

I had to alter the frame. I didn't want to leave any nasty holes so I used the existing recievers and altered them to except the new larger hooks.

I then tested the operation both inside and out, made sure the handles did what they were supposed to do and made sure the mother was happy. I also showed the carer present how the door with the new split spindle operated to avoid any unessesary lock outs.

I then phoned up the son. Explained what I had done and once he was 100% happy he paid via credit card over the phone.

This job UPVC Door Mechanism upgrade was undertaken by A.L.S. Locksmith Glasgow

For more information please contact Steve on 07712445612 or visit our website A.L.S. Locksmith.

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