Burglary Repairs Glasgow Lock Replacement Affordable Locksmith

14th October 2015 - 0 Comments

Burglar Repairs Glasgow Lock Replacement Affordable Locksmith

Ilocksmithdumbartonandglasgow-r1.jpgt has to be said the the number one reason why peoples homes are broken into is because the home owners have neglected to install adequate security on their doors and windows.

Trusting there home security on a lock that probably cost less than ten pounds is a recipe for disaster. Like cars or anything that is manufactured for the good of society. Locks come in different guises, makes and strengths. Your insurance company has a minimum standard it requires for all locks to meet. But it would surprise most to find out that most doors do not meet this requirement and the home owners think nothing of it.

After the break in

It might also surprise you to find out that a lot of peoples reasoning when informed that their home security does not meet this requirement of their insurance policies to say something like "if it's going to happen it will happen". Well the simple answer to this is to speak to someone that has had a break in. Everything changes. After the home has been violated some people move. Or if they can't afford to they vacate for a period of time to a family member nearby. Some people turn their homes into security homes meaning every door has a keyed lock and all locks are locked every night just in case. So the home turns into a personal prison.

Some people rely entirely on the alarm system that they had installed. Great it will inform you and everyone else that somebody is in your home violating your space. And who ever takes any notice of an alarm going off?

Even the best alarms have their flaws. A burglar isn't going to stick around for long. Common sense requires that he or she would enter and leave as quick as they can. They would be after small items like mobile phones gameboys or laptops and tablets. If they are extremely lucky they could pick up a set of keys for the car on the way out. 

So the state of the art alarm system goes off and the security detail or police turn up sharply. They're gone but so is the car and the laptop and the door has been forced open but at least the alarm went off!

What can you do?

The simple fact is to install decent locks on all doors and windows into the home. These locks don't have to be mega expensve. A good locksmith will be able to inform and fit good quality locks that will meet all requirements and prevent the culprits from getting in.

Burglars after all are lazy. If its going to be to much trouble they are not going to want to bother. They are after the easy targets and their are a lot of them about due to lazieness on the home owners part, ignorance or for just being frugal.

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