You do not need a new door!

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Door repairs Glasgow

You don't need a new door!

door repairs Glasgow and DumbartonI visited a client. He had a good solid door fitted with an old Ferco 2 small hook mechanism. 

door repairs Glasgow and DumbartonAs you can see from the picture the mechanism had no deadbolt. The only locking was on the latch and two small wedge hooks top and bottom.

door repairs Glasgow and DumbartonThe door was very sturdy and it would of been a big mistake to replace it with a down graded UPVC door and a good quality replacement composite door would of cost around £1500.

That's how much I paid for mine.

So I arrived on site and inspected the door. The mechanism fitted was altered when it was originally put into the door which meant that the updated version that was available today would not fit. So I decided to go in another direction. A complete upgrade in every sense of the word.

door lock repairs Glasgow and DumbartonThe plan was to replace the old mechanism with a beefed up new one. By replacing the small wedge hooks with large meaty hooks and providing a latch deadbolt to provide that added security.

Another complication I had here was the fact that the backset of the mechanism I had chosen was not compatible with the old mechanism from which I had pulled out of the door.

So what I did was a little gearbox changing. I used another gearbox from a 4 roller version and swapped it out.

I now had a full mechanism.

The correct backset ready to be installed into the door.

door lock repairs Glasgow and Dumbarton

As you can seen from the picture above the 2 mechanisms look nothing like each other.

door lock repairs Glasgow and DumbartonSo in order to fit the mechanism into the door and also fit the new recievers for the hooks into the frame I used my trusty jig.

I wanted the installation to be neat and tidy and had seen many a free hand mistakes made so this was the prefered method for me.

I also used a corded drill as cutting through wood lays waste to batteries.

door lock repairs Glasgow and DumbartonAs you can see the hooks do look a little more intimidating.

I had to use the existing recievers but crucially make sure that the frame was left neat and tidy. no holes. Everything was covered up and looked good to the eye.

door lock repairs Glasgow and DumbartonFor the handles I used a quality set of sprung handles and as usual fitted an anti snap euro cylinder to compliment the mechanism replacement.

The door lock repair when completed looked like a new door fitted with a modern high security mechanim. New quality handles and a high security lock.

So I had not only repaired the door but upgraded its security and saved my client a fortune on the cost of a quality door.

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