My Review of Satmap Active 12 GPS of 2 years using it

13th June 2017 - 0 Comments

My Review of Satmap Active 12 GPS

I owned a Satmap active 12 GPS for two years and this is my review.

Firstly there will be some people that will think highly of this device but this is my review from my experience owning and using it.


  1. Satmap expedition software is good for planning
  2. large screen
  3. Long battery life when using rechargable battery
  4. Once you get used to the software its easy to download routes to device in all GPX formats
  5. Good to use in low visibility
  6. Good resale value
  7. Map it comes with is ok 


  1. Expensive Costs £450
  2. If using in strong sunlight, I.E, winter snow conditions very hard to see the screen
  3. The curser toggle on mine broke after 4 months I ended up having to use a pen to move the curser which meant it was cumbersome to operate.
  4. Back broke I was keeping it in place with a rubber band.
  5. Ended up getting rid of it because the software on expedition planner was incompatable with the latest Mac update. I contacted Satmap and they said they knew about it but it would be a few weeks before they would have an update.
  6. Customer service and technical help is not that good
  7. Expensive maps
  8. Very fiddly when changing from rechargable batteries to AA carrier

This is my experience using it for two years I finally replaced it due to the issues with the Mac.

Would I buy again? - Knowing what I know now, no.


This is my review

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