My personal review of the Jetboil cooking stove

13th June 2017 - 0 Comments

My personal review of the Jetboil cooking stove

I bought this stove because I needed a stove that could provide me with hot water or food quickly and efficiently. I had a woodgas stove and on my last camping trip just off the summit of Mount Keen the stove had issues staying upright, kept blowing out and took forever to boil water for a cuppa.

So I did a bit of research and came across this stove. Cost me £100. Which was cheap compared to some other sites. The stove came with a stand that you clipped to the gas can [not included] and an ignition system. 

To assemble clipped on the stand to the gas can. Screwed the can onto the igniter and attached the boiling vessle. 

So I had read that some guys had issues with the igniter not working but turned on the gas and punched the ignitor and lit. I shit you not the water boiled in two minutes. And I knew it was boiled because the outer cover had an idiots guide - the boiling vessle outer cover lit up orange.

How happy was I? I was like a pig in shit. Me and my hot cuppa tea.

Would I buy again - yeah baby


  1. Bit pricey
  2. Gas cans can be pricey


  1. Stows away neatly. the gas can fits into the boiling vessle as does the igniter and stand
  2. Lightweight
  3. Good stand stays upright
  4. Easy to ignite
  5. Lets you know once boiled
  6. Quick cooking time


This is my review

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