Mortise Lock Replacement 2

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kitemarkbs3621locksmithglasgowanddumbarton-r.jpgReplacing your mortise lock with an insurance approved 5 lever BS3621 replacement will not only tick the box on your insurance policy but also provide a secure point of entry and exit on your front or back door.

It is important to notice that all parts of the lock have to be used in order to comply with the British Standard. For example if the lock is replaced but the keep is not replaced using the keep that corrosponds with the lock then this rule applies.

If the door is fitted with a 3 or 5 lever lock you should consider upgrading it to the BS3621 lock. A 3 lever is no match for a burglar and is an easy target for an opportunistic thief.

If no other locks are on the door then the mortise lock recommended for this purpose would be a sash type lock. This type is used with handles and comprises of a latch controlled by the handle and a deadbolt operated with a key. The latch offers no locking purpose and its sole aim is to line the door up so that the deadbolt can operate without any obstructions.

If a sash lock is not used then a deadlock on its own is not advised as using the deadbolt to pull the door in is a sure fire way to cause the lock to fail in the future. The reason a lock can fail this way is as follows. A 5 lever or BS3621 lock is operated via a key. The key operates a key curtain within the lock. This curtain operates the bolt of the deadbolt. If you look at a typical 5 lever lock key you will notice that there are 7 peaks on the key. That is because 2 of the peaks are used to opeate the curtain and operate the bolt.

When a lock has been fitted poorly or has been fitted on its own without a Yale nightlatch to support it then what can happen is the bolt can pull to the right or left and this action can pull the curtain off its seat.

When this happens the lock will become jammed. The key will turn but constantly 360 degrees and the bolt will not withdraw. In these cases the only way to open the door will be to manually pull the bolt back and this involves drilling the lock.

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