Lock Repairs Glasgow Locksmith

18th January 2016 - 0 Comments

Lock Repairs Glasgow Locksmith

We can repair your lock or mechanism today

Affordable Locksmith Services can repair all types of lock faults and where possible, to minimise any possible damage to your door, the I will aim to repair the existing lock rather than replace it and more often than not on one visit. But don't worry if I can't. There's no hourly rates so your pocket is not going to take a massive hit if for instance you called a national company that can charge upto and over £100 an hour plus vat. 

I charge per job so if I have to order a part the price stays the same.

Also if I have to provide new keeps or a new lock with a mechanism upgrade or repair the price stays the same. I do not charge for additional items unless the item is a set of new handles. All the handles I provide are premium quality.

Affordable Locksmith Services can change your lock or mechanism today

Want to change a lock fitted in your property? Affordable Locksmith Services can replace all types of lock, including cylinder rim locks (Yale locks), mortice locks and uPVC mechanism locks. We can also repair all sorts of lock faults and our locksmiths will always work with the utmost care to minimise any possible damage to your door.

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