Garage security locks

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Garage Door Security

The garage can be the place were you can store your second biggest asset. The car. But when you think about the layers of protection a garage offers does anyone really think about the right sort of door security?

Up and over garage door security

These type of garage doors are relatively easy to get past. The door is usualy locked by a mechanism centered in the middle of the door and when the handle is twisted wires will pull the locking latches into the opening position. The actual lock just prevents the handle from turning and thus locks it in place.

So the latches are either at the top or sides and if you know were they are the door can be prised open with very little effort.

Agood way around this would be to fit secondary locks to the garage door. These garage security locks can either be the mortise type or more over the surface fixing variety for metal up and over garages.

These types of security locks lock into place with hardened steel bolts into the frame and structure of the garage preventing the door from opening even when force has been applied.

Side door security for a garage

The up and over main garage door may not just be the only point of entry for the garage. More often than not a side door may connect the garage to the home or to the garden. Fitting good door security is a must here. The side door security should meet the insurance specifications warranted by the insurance policy and if not the policy may become void as a subsequence of a breakin and inspection of the door security fitted.

Windows security 

Windows can be a means of entry. Consider fitting grilles or at a minimum fitting closed blinds or curtains. If they can't see in they can't decide wether its worth the hassle in trying to break in.

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