Van Racking

Van Racking on the Cheap

van racking viceI kitted my van out for a fraction of the cost I would of paid to have my van kitted out with units like Bott.

The vice I bought off Ebay along with a sliding vice holder the pulls the vice out and back into storage. I think I paid £90 for the sliding vice holder.

I then made a housing from 15mm OSB board and cable trays I bought off Ebay to construct a series of trays to except the rest of the build.

van rackingBefore I started I lined the internal cargo area. I sed 4x2 boards to give me some clearance and act as joists to carry the rest of the build.

I used the space underneath to store step ladders, tooling, stock and wood.


van rackingAbove the joists I laid some more OSB and mounted sliding drawers on top. These extended out the length of the 1.5m drawers.

Cost per drawer £360 each off Ebay. I used 3 drawers in total.

Above that I constructed shelving and installed a bench grinder, sharpener and chop saw.

1002346-r.jpgThe chop saw I mounted on extending sliding hinges each able to carry 45kg of wieght.

The barn doors on my van can open all the way and I can easily cut lengths upto and past 2m.

When I have finished with the saw I then push it into its storage.

The hinges I purchased off Ebay.


Here's a picture of the drawers.

They slide out. I store stock in these drawers and know exactly what I have or don't have.

The drawers latch shut when closed and are prevented from opening when driving along.

1002353-r.jpgAbove the vice I constructed a pull out system holding tilt bins. I just made an H frame and mounted it on extending sliding hinges. I added a counter wiegth on top to stop it from tipping over when pulled out.

The tilt bins carry quite a bit of wieght.


1002350-r1.jpgTo the right of that I added another drawer. 2 drawers in one each extending.

Above that I installed my key cutting machine.

And above that shelving.

1002361-r.jpgOn the opposite side I installed 2 sets of sliding drawers. Again off Ebay.

The top drawers hold my stock whilst the bottom set store those tools that you can never remember were you put them.

I also stored an extinguisher in this case a powder. Never need to recharge unless you have used it.

1002354-r.jpgTo the right of these drawers I then installed the power behind the tools I opted for a Honda generator. £750 on the net. The beauty about this is I can run anything from grinders to laptops off it.

And in the odd occassion I get stuck. I disconnect the plugs pick it up and carry it to my job site.

1002355-r.jpgBehind the drawers I left a nice space for henry.

Always a must to leave my customers houses the way I found them.


1002362-r.jpgAnd lastly the top. A pipe carrier to hold my scrap mechanisms.





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