Locks are like cars

locksmith Locks are like cars

If you compare locks to cars you can appreciate the differences between them.

Locks are NOT all the same.

Like cars, a person would not consider a Jaguar to be the same as a Dacia Duster. Or a Noble the same as a ford fiesta.

In the lock world there is a massive difference between a budget lock and a 3 star locking cylinder.

If you group the different locks into car catergories a lay person might understand the actual differences in the type of lock and what they are purchasing.

  • Budget locks - would be Dacia Duster or Yugo. 
  • Minimum standard - Ford fiesta
  • High Security - Jaguar
  • TS secured by design - Farrari

Personally I would prefer the Ferrari of locks to protect my home and family rather than penny pinching and buying a Dacia Duster.

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