Disadvantages of an alarm system

  • Burglar alarms do not scare the thieves.
  • An alarm often promotes a sense of invulnerability.
  • Before notify the police an alarm company and monitoring station must notify the home owner guaranteeing a very slow response should your home be burgled.
  • Burglars are usualy in and out of the property within 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Burglars often work in teams of 2 or 3 scoping the property for an average of 24hours.
  • Burglars will target property with poor lock security and will totally disregard the fact that the home is fitted with an alarm system.
  • The police consider home alarms as a low priority should they be activated.
  • Over 90% of alarms activations are false.
  • Wireless alarms can be blocked or hacked to prevent them from activating.
  • A determined thief may try and trip the alarm several times to promote complacency.
  • The alarms must be armed and disarmed and most burgularies take place during safe mornings when the alarm is disabled.
  • Even alarms that go through to a third party or police take to long as the burglar has been and gone by the time their is a response.
  • False alarms are caused by pets, faulty or poor installation or even pests and spiders cob webs.
  • Many people spend a fortune on an alarm system but spend next to nothing on their door and window locks.




Author A.L.S. Locksmith



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