UPVC Door upgraded to better than new

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UPVC Door Refurbishment by A.L.S. Locksmiths








The worst thing a home owner can do if their door mechanism has broken down is to fit a multipoint repair locks. These repair mechanisms are poorly made and have a agricultural feel especially the modular types.

At A.L.S we don't use repair mechanisms. We prefere the feel and reliabilty of a full unit. So when are clients contact us thats the solution we provide.

UPVC Door Upgrade from obsolete to new mechanism

In the picture above the door was fitted with an old style Yale mechanism. 3 hooks 2 rollers and a latch[gold lock].

We replaced it with the silver latch deadbolt, 2 roller, 2 hook, 2 anti lift deadlock.

A.L.S.UPVC-Door-repairs-glasgow-doors-upgradeThe two mechanisms were not like for like as the locking points were not the same. There was a difference of 30mm above and 20mm below. 

The clients door was a good door. The door was plastic with a steel skeleton which meant that I had to use a purposeful jig to neatly cut the mortise out of the door to except the new dimensions of the new mechanism.

Using tools like this means that when finished the door not only works better, but has the look of a new envigorated door with no nasty holes showing.

The time taken to carry out the job 2 hours 5 minutes.










The frame got a beef up too. The picture above shoves the receiver from the old mechanism [far left] having been replaced by the chunkier receiver for the added security.


So there it is new mechanism retrofitted to an old door.

New receivers to except the ned hooks and bolts.

The door was realigned to work smoothly.

And finished off with an anti snap cylinder supplied with 6 keys.

And lastly provided with a year guarantee.

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