UPVC Door Doctor

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The UPVC Door Doctor Glasgow 0141 280 2807
ALS Is an independent locksmith and double glazing repair service Glasgow and not a franchise or national company. ALS pride themselves on a fast, efficient and professional approach to all work carried out. 
If your UPVC Doors or windows stop working, it does not mean you need to replace them!! And save yourself a small fortune.
UPVC Lock repairs try A.L.S. door locksmith
ALS door locksmith can open jammed doors and windows and get your stiff UPVC Locks working like new.
ALS door lock smith carry a large selection of UPVC windows and doors parts which often enables a first time fix. We maintain, refurbish and repair all manner of UPVC, Wood or composite doors and windows.
Double Glazing Lock Repairs 
Replacement locks and mechanisms to doors and windows.
Replacement mechanism to all UPVC doors and window repairs. 
Replacement handles to all doors and windows.
Gaining access if keys lost.
Realignment to dropped doors.
Servicing of all windows and doors.
Replacement hinges and locks.
Draught proofing of windows and doors.
Window repairs to hinges and locks.
upvc lock repairs

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