The key to a secure home is a professional locksmith

20th March 2015 - 0 Comments

locksmithanddoorrepairsglasgow-r26.jpgWith burglary of homes a persistent and, in some areas, rising problem, securing your home against the threat of robbers breaking in is vital. Not only do you want to safeguard the valuable and treasured contents of your home, but you also want to ensure your family members are protected at all times. It all starts with robust locks on windows and doors. 

It's all very well employing alarms and CCTV systems around a house to try and ward off the threat of thieves breaking in, whether you're at home or not, but chances are these technologies are not going to be completely effective in keeping criminals out. After all, those engaging in smash-and-grab burglaries often have their faces covered with balaclavas, so they're not overly worried about being seen on camera; they're usually long gone by the time the alarm sounds and the police show up. 

Therefore, the only effective way to deter robbers is to keep them out of the house in the first place, and that’s what solid locks, on all doors and windows, are designed to do. Don't be fooled into thinking all locks are equal and any old one will do, because they're not and it won't. The wrong type of lock can even be an invitation to a savvy burglar who's well versed in manipulating them to get into a home. A standard Yale night latch on a wooden door, for example, is practically an invitation for thieves to break in.

A qualified locksmith in Glasgow, such as here at A.L.S. Locksmiths, will be able to tell you what kind of locks you need to have protecting entryways and windows in your home. Mortise locks (which are set into doors), for instance, should be of British Standard 3621:2007, while cylinder locks (which can be used on windows and doors), are graded according to a star rating and should be compliant with the European Standard EN1303. Having substandard locks in critical areas of your home could well compromise its security.

The best Glasgow locksmiths will also let you know that Euro-style locks, which are to be fitted to UPVC and composite doors, must be positioned close to the handle – otherwise, if they stick out too much, the lock could snap and a burglar could be inside your house in seconds. In fact, such is the risk that these type of locks should actually be replaced with snap-safe ones, such as Brisant security cylinders, which are available from A.L.S. Locksmiths in Glasgow.

The fitting of the lock is also important, in terms of its function and appearance, and using a skilled locksmith will ensure installation is not a shoddy job that will lead to rattling doors, which tell thieves it'll be an easy job to break in. In the event that your home is unfortunately burgled and you're claiming insurance for stolen contents, it would be devastating to be turned down because the locks on your doors and windows were either not properly fitted or have some of their parts missing.

To find out more about how you can make your home secure with top-quality window and door locks, visit A.L.S. Locksmiths’ website [].


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