Security lock fitted to steel plated door

24th May 2016 - 0 Comments

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Lock fitted to steel plate door

I was contacted by a business owner that was looking to increase the security on his rear door that was fitted with a standard escape bar.

Before fitting the lock I advised the business owner that the door was a fire escape and that the door could not for health and safety reasons be locked but the owner stated that the lock was only going to be used when the premises was locked over night and that the fitting was solely for the reason of increasing the business security.

So the door was around 50mm thick of wooden construction but the exteria had a 3mm steel plate attached with tamperproof screws.

The door opened outwards.

I always use a jig to install mortise locks and never free hand a fitting. This then allows a well fitted lock. The lock I used was a BS3621 5 lever insurance approved and kitemarked. In this case I only provided 2 keys but I did ask the owner if he required more keys but he declined.

Due to the fact that a steel plate was mounted on the outside of the door I wanted to make sure that the fitting was centralised in the door so I used packers to center the jig. The interia keyway was fitted with an internal escutcheon or keyhole. Because the outside was steel plated I made sure that the keyway was exactly were I wanted it to be as mistakes would blatently show. As you can see the exteria keyway looks neat and tidy.

The receiver or keep was solid steel. I measured the distance from the outside of the door to the center of the bolt and transfered my findings to the door frame. The keep was rebated into the wood.

Once fitted I tried the lock and it worked smoothly. Always a sign of a well fitted lock.

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