Securing a window with restrictors

29th September 2016 - 3 Comments

UPVC window restrictors supplied and fitted

windowcablerestrictorsfittedlocksmithglasgow-r.jpgI had a job yesterday. My client lived in a ground floor flat in the southside of Glasgow. She was looking for some type of window restrictor that could provide additional security and provide a safe haven for her cats preventing them from escaping out onto the street.

For safety reasons the restrictors had to be removeable. I.E. the window had to be able to open fully should there be a fire.

What I fitted was Jocloc cable restrictors.

The locks were fitted with clutch screws meaning that they could not be removed.

Each lock came with a key.

The cable length was tailored to the homeowners needs.

The locks took around 10mins each to fit. 6 were supplied and fitted and I provided a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind.

UPVC window and door repair 

Affordable Locksmiths UPVC door repair and window service can save you money. By getting your badly locking door looked at now I could save you the cost and inconvenience of UPVC door repairs at a later date and the cost of a new door.

For more information please visit our website A.L.S. door repair service or call 07712445612 and ask for Steve.



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