Right way to fit a lock

9th August 2016 - 0 Comments

The right way to fit a lock

I visited a client and found this:

glasgowlocksmithg20g12g14So with the owners permission I took a picture.

An easy target.

You could get into this home and past the door in less than 30 seconds.

All because the lock has been poorly fitted.

The lock is the wrong size.

And its not snap safe.


Here's what I replaced it with:

glasgowlocksmithg20g12g14As you can see it is closer fitting.

It is a snap safe lock.

It looks a better and offers a great level of security.

Cost to change including fitting and labour £50.


Small price for piece of mind.


Affordable Locksmiths UPVC door repair service can save you money. By getting your badly locking door looked at now I could save you the cost and inconvenience of UPVC door repairs at a later date and the cost of a new door.

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