Replacement UPVC Handles Glasgow

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Replacement UPVC Handles Glasgow

Looking for replacement UPVC handles can be harder than you think. One size does not fit all. In fact there are a multitude of different Replacement UPVC Handles out there from 48 centers right upto 117 door handles for a Millenco type mechanism.

Replacement UPVC Handles for Aluminium Doors

Door handles for these types of doors can be hard to change. Unlike a UPVC door some aluminium door mechanisms move within the door frame, so if larger handles are fitted the screws will interfer with the operation of the locking mechanism and the door will fail to lock. As well as the door not operating properly you could be left with some nasty unsightly holes.

Replacement UPVC Handles for Older UPVC Doors

The door handles differ from 68 centers to 117. Doors with ferco type mechanisms on PVC are unbelieveably easy to get past even when the door is locked. A ferco door handle has 70 centers.

A word of warning. Old fullex type UPVC door handles are 68 centers so if you unexpectedly buy a set of 70 centers the door handles will simply not fit. All for 2mm.

Replacement Door Handles for wooden doors

Replacement Door Handles for wooden doors range from 70 to 92 centers. A top tip when fitting handles is to firstly make sure that the screw holes are covered over and that the fixing screws have preformed spaces to pass through the operating gearbox.

If you try to insert a screw through a gearbox that is a twin spindle variant you will face trouble.

Replacement Door Security Handles

If you want to secure your door or give it a good security upgrade then door security handles are a great option. Security door handles come in 2 different sizes.


For more information on replacement door handles in Glasgow and surrounding areas please call 0141 280 2807 and ask for Steve. A.L.S. Locksmiths.



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