Repairing French Doors

17th September 2015 - 0 Comments

Repairing French Doors

locksmithanddoorrepairsglasgow-r.jpgBalancing the cost of replacing any door can be quite daunting. The average cost to replace a front door and installing something of quality is around £1400. Sure there is cheap alternatives but the old saying "buy cheap buy twice" goes without saying. Cheap doors are just that - Cheap! There's no real reinforement under the frail plastic and they are quite easy to get past even when in the fully locked position.

Repairing french doors is the right solution. Especially if you have a good set of doors already installed and the mechanism fitted has lasted it's course. There is a solution to reinvigorate these doors and that is to repair them. 

What would you define as a good set of french doors or any door for that matter? Well a previous customer of mine suggested to me that a builder friend of hers had suggested that all PVC windows are basically the same and they are all made in the same place.

What rubbish! There is a huge difference between manufactures and different style of window. Like I said the sign of quality is unseen. Its the quality of reinforcement within the window or door.

So how can you tell? Thats the easy part. A good quality door or window will feel heavy. You have to take into account the wieght of the glass but a good rule of thumb is if your door or window feels light its cheap and nasty but if it feels heavy chances are there is a sound skeleton of steel or aluminum inside the door and its worth the cost of the repair.

Repairing french doors is then a no brainer. If a good front door is going to cost around £1400 then what is the going cost for a set of double doors going to be?

The answer is much more. Repairing french doors is a cost effective solution to getting the most out of already good doors that have been fitted and just need a little TLC, maintenance or an upgrade.

This article has been compiled by myself Steve Neary, A.L.S. Locksmiths Dumbarton and Glasgow

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