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One Key That Works In All Locks

This type of key is referred to as a master key. The rest of the keys within the lock system may just open 1 or 2 doors or even a whole sub system dictated by the use and functionality of the purpose of what the lock master key system has been designed for.

One example of a keyed master key system would be a B&B. A guest house may have an entry door and 6 bedrooms. Each bedroom for a paying guest would have to have a key that would only work on their bedroom door and none of the other doors. But their key would also have to work on the entry/exit door. This would allow them to come and go as required and be able to secure their door safe in the knowledge that other paying guests would not be able to access their room without a working key.

For management or cleaning staff though they would be give a master key. Or one key that would work in all locks. This key would work in every lock allowing them to only have to carry one key that would give them access to all doors.

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