My review of my Stubai white star ice axe

15th June 2017 - 0 Comments

My review of my Stubai white star ice axe

I bought this ice axe last september. I had never owned an ice axe before so didn't really know what to expect or want. But I came across this axe and it did not dissappoint.

First place I tried it was in deep snow. Corbett The Brack November. Was my first adventure in the snow and although tiring the axe felt very light and I hardly noticed that I was carrying it at all.

Since then I have completed some munros with it and its great. I can't fault it.

  1. The axe feels really lightwieght and well balanced.
  2. Comes with a lanyard. I always threaded this over my hand as I didn't want to lose it in a fall
  3. Shaft is T rated perfect for anchor and belay duties. Not that I have had to use it for this yet but hope to try in the future.
  4. Easy to cut steps with. Made a rookie mistake and didn't put my crampons on earlier enough. I used the axe and it felt easy to swing and it wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be.

Would I buy again? - Yes

Costs around £70


This is my review

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