My Review of Garmin 64S

13th June 2017 - 0 Comments

My Review of Garmin 64S

I bought this GPS to replace a Satmap active 12 that I used to own. I have used it now for approximately 6 months here is my review.


  1. Screen can be seen in all modes of sunlight
  2. Can point the GPS in the direction you wish to go in and the pointer on the map moves in sync 
  3. Easy to use
  4. Basemap software easy to use
  5. Provides route tracking data that is easy to find on GPS and easy to download to your compute
  6. Can buy maps very detailed from talkytoaster for £32, whole uk 
  7. Birdseye in basemap offers 3D profile of route that can be loaded onto device
  8. Comes with clip on lanyard
  9. If use lithium batteries AA get about 10 hours use thats with the device staying on
  10. Takes 2 AA batteries


  1. Maps are expensive if bought from Garmin
  2. When planning routes from scratch basemap doesn't recognise them. But you can download a free virtual GPX download that converts them into a file that garmin can recognise
  3. Basemap doesn't come with a map. have to connect the devise to use the map on the device which is ok but a little hassle
  4. Birdseye comes with a monthly subscription and isn't free

Would I buy again? - Yes


This is my review

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