My review of Darn tough walking socks

15th June 2017 - 0 Comments

Here's my review of my Darn tough walking socks

I bought these socks about 9 months ago as I was looking for the blister holy grail and to be honest for me I think I found it.

The socks are really comfortable to wear and I have walked for 12 hours straight in them and as of yet have not got a blister.

I realise that all feet are different, all shoes or boots tend to fit differently but I have never has to use liner socks or anything else to keep the blisters at bay.

I found the socks to be very well fitting they don't move on the foot even when moist. They are made of some type of wool and my feet don't overly sweat whilst wearing them and as of yet they have proven to be very durable. No holes or issues. 

I own 3 pairs. Just rewash them should I go on longer adventure.

Not the cheapest but in the world of walking socks not bad either about £16 to £20 a pair. Sounds a lot for a pair of socks but at the end of a long day having no blisters is well worth it.

Would I buy again - yes good investment for my feet


This is my review



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