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Lock changes are carried out for the most part on the day of the call or at the customers convenience. When changing door locks A.L.S. Mobile Locksmith always fit the locks the way the manufacturer recommends.


Lock replacements are usually upgrades to a better lock. Be it for example, an upgrade from a 3 to a 5 lever British Standard or a 5 pin to a 6 pin EN BS1303 cylinder.


Replacement locks have to be fitted correctly. If the door rattles or the lock feels like it is grinding against the door lock receiver in the frame the lock will over time fail so replacement locks should always be fitted by an expert who knows what they are doing.


Security locks come in all shapes and types. For lock changes on UPVC doors and windows the type of security locks used can be crucial. If using a BS lock to enhance the security of the home the fact that the lock is British Standard does not mean that it is going to be better than another type of security lock replacement like a 3 star security lock.


UPVC security locks are locks that resist the force of snapping. If a lock is snapped entry takes seconds. If a door is fitted with a high security locks mechanism with hooks and shootbolts the weak point is the lock [the keyed part]. Usually a security door is fitted with standard door handles. The door handles can be easily trashed using nothing but a set of mole grips and a screwdriver revealing the cylinder and once that is out of the way the door can be easily opened.


Security door handles can be used to stop this practise. If security lock replacements have been fitted and an attempt to gain forced entry has been tried. The locks might be broken meaning that although the attempt would of been foiled the locks however would then need to be changed.

To get past this security door handles can be used. They protect the door cylinder and the security door mechanism and can look quite attractive on the door. These type of security door handles can be fitted on all kinds of doors including french, front, back and some types of patio doors.


A.L.S. Mobile Locksmith is a trusted mobile locksmith carrying out UPVC, composite and aluminum window and door repairs. 



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