Looking For A Local Locksmith In Glasgow

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Looking For A Local Locksmith In Glasgow

On the internet


Looking at the Google page you'll see listings to the right and top 3. These are Adwords. Every time you click on these it costs the vender a certain amount of money.

For instance clicking on the top listing for the search term "Locksmith Glasgow" will cost them between £7 and £15 per click.

Only the nationals will hold the top 3 positions as they have a large marketing budget. This cost is then carried onto the customer.

Local Map Listing

You have to be very careful here. Even Google know that there is a big problem with bogus listings that have not been varified. This means that the locksmith company you think is around the corner is really the bus stop overlooking the park.

Top tip is to look for the varified badge. This means that a post card has been sent to the address and that a pin number has been inputed to acknowledge that the business is a real one.

Organic Listings

All other listings below map and adwords. Websites have to use a lot of SEO techniques to get to page one. 

Look for the sole traders

Look for the sole traders. They are the compnies that will be family run and more importantly on a financial point of view WILL NOT CHARGE VAT.

That's because as a sole trader they can earn upto £77000 a year before they have to register to be Vat registered.

So what you say?

Because you'll pay at least 20% less thats why.

Information by A.L.S. Locksmith Glasgow a local family run business. Ask for Steve.

Looking For A Local Locksmith In Glasgow by A.L.S. Locksmiths





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