Lock that works with keys both sides

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Lock that works with keys both sides

Looking for a lock that can be operated even when a key has been left in the lock?

These types of locks are a perfect solution for the elderly as well as people who suffer from illnesses such as dementia.

When using tradional locks if the key has been left in the lock the lock then becomes inactive and even if the carers or relatives have the right key they would not be able to gain entry.

Another traditional lock would be the turn lock. A lock with a thumb turn and no key on the inside. A.L.S. Locksmith Glasgow and Dumbarton don't recommend fitting these types of locks in these cases because the lock can easily be operated and the resident could easily open the door and exit without anyone noticing.

Dual entry Locks Glasgow

In the case above. The home had a 5 lever mortise lock fitted to a front door. The relatives were concerned that they could not enter because the mother kept leaving the key in the lock.

The solution was to replace the lock and handles with a combination that would tick the boxes for security and useability. 

The lock and handles were stripped out and a BS standard lock case and premium handles used. The cylinder was of the kind that was designed so that even when a key was left in either side the lock could still be operated with a key. The lock was issued with 7 keys and a coded validation card.

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