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How to Open A Jammed Door

vanlogo-r8.jpgFirstly do not try to take it off the hinges as you could end up taking half the frame with you. PVC doors are a lot easier to open especially if they are the cheap doors that are supplied and fitted for less than £800. There's no rienforcement in the door and they will just pop open with little or no effort. You don't even need the key.

For better quality doors like rienforced PVC. You can always tell. They are more rigid wieghty and feel substantial. These doors are easily opened with the right tools. 

When opening them it is possible to open the door without damaging it. The door is covered in plastic so can be easily damaged if unsure.

Opening the doors can be an art. It helps massively if you know the type of mechanism in the door. This is achieved by spreading the door slightly and identifying the latch typw or shape of the hooks or deadbolts. Sounds easy but there are litterally dozens of different mechanisms out there.

Once you know how they work you can either kill the gearbox or manipulate the mechanism open.

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