How to find a good locksmith

15th January 2016 - 0 Comments

So you're looking for a good locksmith to carry out work on your locks or doors and windows?

  1. Avoid national companies or franchise companies that charge an hourly rate.
  2. Avoid companies that charge travelling times.
  3. Avoid any call out charges.
  4. Go for a company that provide a no fix no charge service.
  5. Go for price for job quotes as some jobs may take longer than expected.
  6. Even if a company has been recommended it is a good idea to check them out.
  7. Look for public liability insurance.
  8. Go for companies that have been vetted on sites such as Which Trusted Traders or Checkatrade.
  9. Look for geniune reviews. Genuine reviews are reviews that appear over time. Reviews that appear in block dates, I.E. all in january may be fake. Reviews take time to accumulate. A typical rate is uaually 2 to 4 reviews per month. Sites like Which trusted trader vet the reviews by contacting the reviewer and verifying the review before adding it to the site.
  10. Companies that charge no vat are preferable. A company only has to register as vat compliant if it makes more than £81000 P.A. or because it wants to claim back the vat as a Limited company. Remember if they are vat registered then its 20% on top of the asking price.
  11. Look for knowledge. Try and speak to the locksmith and guage wether he or she is the right individual to carry out the work.
  12. If they arrive to give a quote. Ask them questions and look for confidence. Only proceed with the work if you are comfortable with what you hear and see.
  13. Feel free to look further afield. Some companies outside your local area may have a better reputation, have better prices and better customer service. They may even serve your area


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