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Home security Glasgow

The only thing an alarm does is inform evryone that the house has been burgled. So why is it that people still insist on getting one fitted?

The simple reason is mis selling. People are mis sold alarms and CCTV cameras luring them into a false sense of security. 

If you think a siren is going to deter a thief then think again. Burglars are typically in and out of a residense within ten minutes. So even if a home owner has opted for the full spread of techical wizardry the only thing left will be images of a hooded person leaving your home and thats IF you went for the CCTV package.

Home security Glasgow Options

It sounds old school but if you want to stop people from entering your home then you need to think about door and window security.

That means insurance approved locks to all openings. 

Some people will spend hundreds if not thousands on a state of the art alarm system but rely on a rim lock costing less than a tenner on their doors which is ridiculous.

If you have an up and over garage and the security is not the best secondary security can be added.

For UPVC or composite doors consider adding secured by design security handles or 3 star cylinders and all windows that can be reached without the aid of a ladder should have window locks fitted.

"But it hasn't happened to me yet" attitude

There is a stark difference between someone that has had the misfortune of being burgled to someone who has not.

Once it happens everything changes. Some people leave the home and go and stay at relatives for weeks if not months and some even sell up and move because they do not feel safe in their homes anymore. The people that can not afford to leave turn there homes into fortresses. They end up fitting locks on all doors including all internal doors.

Should you then sell up and move the fact that all doors have security locks fitted could become an unsavoury issue.

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