Home Security Forensic Marking

2nd October 2017 - 0 Comments

Can Reduce the Threat of Being Burgled by Over 80%

Home Security Forensic Marking. By a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots provides a proven deterrent and helping you to recover your items in the event of theft. 

Secured by Design Approved

  • Unique DNA Formula Identification
  • No annual license fees
  • Mark up to 50 items of property 
  • Criminals fear DNA - One of the strongest theft deterrents available
  • Supported by Crimestoppers

Home Security Forensic Marking

  1. Mark your property with a unique DNA code. These codes allow police to identify property and link criminals to the crime.
  2. Put signs up to show that your home, van or business is protected.
  3. Register your unique DNA code on a secure database.
  4. Police from around the world have access to our database, allowing 24/7/365 searches when property is recovered or perpetrators apprehended.
  5. DNA formula contains thousands of microdots which allow Police to identify property at the scene in a matter of seconds. Thieves can no longer get away with possessing stolen property when confronted by Police.



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