Home Lock Change Service in and around Glasgow & Paisley

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Home Lock Change Service

A.L.S. Locksmiths provide a Home Lock Change Service in and around Glasgow & Paisley. 

Garage Doors Lock Change

Most up and over garage doors are an easy target for thieves. The locks fitted are very basic and a breeze to open quickly. Consider upgrading garage barrel locks with anti snap locks and reinforcing the door security with garage security bolts.

Front and Back Door Lock Change

Most door locks do not meet the insurance requirements. Just because a door is fitted with a multipoint locking mechanism typically fitted to UPVC or composite doors does not mean that the door is insurance approved. A quick way of opening the door is to snap the lock barrel and gain access. This takes around 60 seconds.

A way to strengthen your door security would be to fit anti snap locks. These type of locks do not need to be overly expensive. 

Other types of locks fitted are yale nightlatches. Typically on older style properties. These locks can be slipped in seconds and provide the minimum level of security.

As well as mortise locks that do not meet BS3621: 2007 the requirement dictated by insurance companies.

It always amazes me that people especially oning very expensive properties will send the bare minimum on there locks.

Window Security Lock Change and or Fitting

Windows are often forgotten about when home security is considered. Why go through the door when a window provides an easy oportunity?

Sliding sash windows are really easy to open but by fitting additional security this means of gaining entry can be overcome.

Patio Door Lock Change

Patio doors can be upgraded with anti snap locks. Also consider fitting additional security bolts to the doors. 

French Door Lock Change

French doors can be fitted with anti snap locks or BS3621: 2007 mortise locks. If the doors do not reach these requirements then you are making it easy for someone to enter your home.

Shed door security and Lock change

Sheds are the gateway to the home and can provide tools that can be used to access the home. As well as tools people often store there bikes or machinery and rely on a budget lock to keep there items safe.

Consider a lock change or upgrade to keep the thieves out.

Garden Gate Lock Change and or Fitting

By installing a good quality lock or padlock on your garden gate will create a barrier that will stop unwanted guests into your garden.

For more information on the locks I supply and fit please visit our website A.L.S. Locksmiths or call 07712445612 and ask for Steve.


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