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Yale Lock Fitted Glasgow Locksmith

I was tasked to fit a lock to a storm door. My customers were concerned about there security and phoned me to come and fit a lock to there door.

glasgow locksmith lock fittingBefore fitting the lock I inspected the door. It was important that the doors were aligned properly and that the doors were not pulled shut by using the lock as the lock is not designed to take on that function.

The doors in question were very well fitted and the gap between the doors was very minimal.

The colour of the doors was also a factor. When fitting a lock to a door I always try to mke it blend in. A white lock for a white door or dark coloured for a dark coloured door. It sounds stupid but it does matter.

I choose the right lock for the door. A Union rpllerbolt matched with aN X5 kited marked British standard Yale cylinder.

The beauty about using this particular lock is that it is impossible to lock your self out. To lock the lock you either have to engage the internal handle or use the key. The Yale cylinder can not be picked or bumped open or drilled unless carbide tipped drill bits are to be used and the bolt cannot be slipped. In essense the only way to gain entry is by using the jey.

For more details about this lock fitting please contact me Steve Neary or visit my website A.L.S. Locksmiths.


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