Garden gate lock upgrade

6th March 2016 - 0 Comments

Garden Gate Door Security

The rear of the home can be a mecca for a would be thief. It could offer shelter and cover to your patio doors, back door and windows. 

By allowing entry to your garden you could be making it easier for a thief to get into your home. Consider this. If you have a garden shed the tools therein could make it easy for someone to break in. Remember burglars don't care about damaging your doors and windows. A handy tool would be a garden shovel or spade. The tool could be used to pry open UPVC doors and windows especially if the windows are of the budget variet or bought on the cheap. These windows and doors can easily be opened even when the locks are engaged and the doors and windows are still locked.

Gate door security

I know what you are thinking, "they'll just climb over the gate" but if somebody tried they would be making it easier for someone else to spot them and therefore try another gate. Not all burglars are stupid. 

The locks for garden gates should be good enough to resist a forced attempt at entry. Don't be afraid to fit insurance grade door security to your gate. After all, as long as they don't get in, thats the ticket.

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