Garage door security fitted

1st September 2016 - 0 Comments

Garage door security Dumbarton

GaragedoorsecuritydumbartonI was in Dumbarton today. The job to install a security lock onto a side door to a garage.

The door was only 15mm thick and made from solid timber.

It had an existing lock on it but they had not been given the key when they had moved.

The existing lock was just a cheap lock.

Old and offering very little security.

I choose to leave it on the door and use the latch on it to line the door up.


GaragedoorsecuritydumbartonI chose to fit a euro lock case with security escutcheon and anti snap lock to the door. 

To achieve this I used a slab of treated timber.

By using a table saw I channeled out the area about the thickness of the lock case.

GaragedoorsecuritydumbartonI bolted the timber to the door and fit the anti snap lock.

Using the security escutcheon I fixed it to the door through a securing plate through the timber then lock case.

I then made a reciever plate from some plate steel. The holes I drilled then countersunked,

I used 3 inch screws to secure it to the frame.

20160901101028resized-r1.jpgThe front of the door looked neat and tidy.

The anti snap cylinder protected by a security escutcheon to prevent tampering.

Once fitted and the lock engaged the lock provided excellent security more than adequat for a garage door.



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