Everest Door Handle Replacement

17th March 2016 - 0 Comments


Everest Door Handle Replacement

I got a call from a customer regarding an everest door that wasn't locking. The lady of the home had contacted Everest and told me that they just tried to sell her a new door.

I had a look at the door and found that the handles were in poor repair and when the door was put into the shut positin it would not operate.

So I measured the door handles and sourced a set of polished brass replacement door handles and it took me 30 minutes to change them over. The correct size door handles was important because the screws that fixed the handles in place if to far up or down cown interfere with the mechanism in the door and prevent the mechanism from working properly.

Getting the door to work

After replacing the door handles I shut the door and diagnosed the door as having dropped. The bottom shootbolt was pressing on the door sill and trying to lift the door but failing.

I sorted this out and altered the receiver to except the shoot bolt. Then shut the door and the door worked but the latch did not catch.

The center keep was then on my radar. I removed it and altered it. The key consideration here is that the door was aluminium. And I was concious of not leaving ugly holes in the door or door frame, but leaving a nice clean job that worked like a dream.

Once this was sorted I shut the door lifted the replacement door handles and it worked. I then cleaned up with henry my hoover and presented the finished door to my customer who was elated.

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