Dumbarton Door Repair Service

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Dumbarton Door Repair Service

locksmith DumbartonAre you looking for a door repair service? Then look no further than A.L.S. Locksmiths. Established in 2009 we are an independent UPVC door repair company specialising in getting your old door working again, saving you on buying a new door.

The old saying "the old ones are the best" is a fitting example to the type of doors we see today. More often than not the old type doors typically fitted are by far better in terms of security and construction better than the doors available today. Unless of course you choose to buy a door for around £1500. 

Cheap doors don't last - Door repair service Dumbarton

Doors bought for less than £800 fitted usually don't last. There's poor fitting issues and poor quality products. The 10 year guarantee that comes with them are usually worthless even the insurance backed versions that often become invalid because of installation issues.

A.L.S. Locksmiths carry out a lot of door repairs to a variety of front and back doors that are less than 6 years old!

Out of date locks door repair service

Just because your front or back door lock or mechanism is out of date and you can't get it anymore does not mean you need a new door!

A.L.S. Locksmiths and door repair services have and can upgrade your door locking mechanism breathing new life into your door. In the majority of cases we can improve the security. We can even upgrade door handles and letterboxes.

Door repair service

  • All our jobs are fixed price
  • We do not charge hourly rates or milage
  • No vat is charged ontop of the price given
  • There's no call out charge and we work on a no fix no fee basis
  • Upgrading a door mechanism includes the mechanism, new lock and associated keeps plus door realignment.
  • Each job comes with a 1 year guarantee.
  • We show you on completion how to maintain your door and save money
  • All our locking products are supplied to us by UK trade suppliers and not from Ebay 
  • We are fully insured with AXA
  • We have been vetted and approved by Which trusted trader 

For more information please visit our website A.L.S. door repair service or call 07712445612 and ask for Steve.

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