Door Handle Repair

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Door Handle Repair

locksmithanddoorrepairsglasgow-r1.jpgFinding the right door handle for your door can be trickier than you think. They come in all sizes from 240, 211 and 270 screw centers amongst others. They also come in different centerts. That's the difference between the center the the handle lever to the middle of the key way. These range from 48, 68, 70, 85, 92 and 117 amongst others.

Different handles are for differnt doors for example a 117 center handle will be for a millenco style mechanism and a 92 center handle will be for most newer stle doors.

Door handle repair can also be an upgrade. You can enhance and upgrade your door security by fitting a handle set thatasecurityhandlesuppliedandfittedtocompositedoor-r.jpg has been "secured by design" this means that the handle has been stringently tested to meet the requirements against forced entry.

The picture right shows these type of handle fitted to a composite door. In this case in a polished brass finish. The handle has been strengthened and the keyway is protected to protect the lock from unwanted attention.

An ultimate upgrade in this instance wiold be to upgrade the lock. In this case. A Ultion 3 star high security cylinder was fitted making this door fully protected.

Other types of door handle repair would be aluminum door types like those fitted by CR Smith and Everest 15 to 20 years ago. The doors froaluminumhandleupgrade-r.jpgm this era were well made and lasted the course of time. However due to time and wear and tear and the fact that parts for these doors are becoming harder and harder to find, door handle repair can be a problem.

A.L.S. Locksmiths carry out these types of door handle repair on a weekly basis.We carry all manner of handles but changing the handles is not the only thing to consider when replacing them. Unlike a PVC door were the mechanism strip goes down the length of the exteria side of the door the mechanism parts of an aluminum door are fitted within. That means that if you carry out a door handle repair and fit larger handles the handles could jam up the mechanism inside the door and prevent the mechanism and lock from working.

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