Buying a home Window checking service

23rd March 2018 - 0 Comments

Buying a home Window checking service

Considering buying a home and relying on the home report to tell you if the windows are working fine?


A surveyor will not tell you if the windows are working properly and in the majority of cases the new buyer purchases the home then finds out that most if not all the windows are not working correctly.

So who pays? The new owners thats you!

So ALS Locksmith came up with this idea through home searching from our locksmith Steve. He went out to a home viewing. The home report stated the double glazed windows worked but when he checked they all had issues. Some were jammed in the tilt position and would not open. Others just would not open and others had dropped and were rubbing against the window frames.

The door also needed to be changed, but the home report said that everything was A okay.

So much for the home report. Response from the estate agent "I was surprised the surveyor never picked it up".


ALS can visit the home and provide a report on the state of the windows. This could enable you to negotiate a better deal for the property but more importantly stop you from getting the bill for costly repairs or replacements.

For more information give us a call or submit an enquiry through are ALS Locksmith contact form and our locksmith Steve will be in touch. Any inquiry is free of any obligation.


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