Advice On Looking For A New UPVC Door

28th August 2015 - 0 Comments

  1. Don't go for the cheapest door. "Buy cheap by twice" comes to mind.
  2. Don't buy UPVC, go for composite. 
  3. If you go for composite then go for timber composite. The other type is basically a PVC door in drag. Look for rollers on the mechanism its a big give away.
  4. Were fitting is concerned steer away from friends of the family or homers. You have no comeback when they fail.
  5. Go for a company that has its own team of dedicated fitters. Stay away from subcontractors.
  6. The guarantee that comes with the door may not cover you if the door has been poorly fitted.
  7. Go for an insurance backed guarantee.
  8. Most guarantees do not cover wear and tear. The cheap doors {less than £600} will last up to 6 years.



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