A change of van for the good

1st August 2015 - 0 Comments

I used to have a vito and we were glad to get rid of it. We replaced it with a Proace and when I did I decided to kit it out properly. I looked into the van racking out there and the prices were well out there so I decided to do it myself and I think I did a pretty good job.

This was done about 1 year 6 months ago and it has lasted the usual tradesman battering you'd expect it to get and its still in one piece instead of pieces.

locksmith glasgowInstalled a sliding vice holder and engineers vice that has proved an asse thus far.

A chop saw in the back on extending hinges. Also a grinder, drill press and sharpener mounted on 2 extending metal drawers. The shelving was made from OSB board and cable trays.

locksmith glasgowBelow the drawers space for ladders and tools.

locksmith glasgow




I installed a Honda generator for unlimited power also useful to carry just like a suit case.

locksmith glasgowAlso installed tool drawers for some tools and stock. 

I also have places to store mechanisms upto 2.5m long and a nice spot for henry the hoover.


locksmith glasgowThis side next to the vice is were the key cutting machine lives.



locksmith glasgowI made this it extends its own length on extending drawer hinges. It houses all the odds and ends needed.



locksmith glasgowlocksmith glasgowlocksmith glasgow




Finally on top

locksmith glasgowLadders secured in place and a pipe carrier.



Images supplied by A.L.S. Locksmith Glasgow


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