4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Locks

6th October 2015 - 0 Comments

Reasons for a Lock Change in Glasgow

ddaffordablelocksmithserviceglasgow-r7.jpgAffordable Glasgow Locksmith offer a comprehensive lock changing service to external doors and windows in and around the Glasgow area.

1. If you have just moved into a new home you should consider changing the locks. Even if the house or flat is new do you really know who has had the keys or how many keys had been copied? 

In some new build blocks of flats builders may install locks “to pass”. This is not the same as a suited or master key system but it is a lot cheaper. “To pass” simply means that all the locks in the building will work with the same key. I have had personal experience on the issue with new home owners flagging the issue up and urgently looking for a change of locks.

2. If you’ve lost your keys consider a change of locks. Even if your keys are not marked with your address somebody may of seen you drop them? Just because you may have an alarm system doesn’t mean you’re safe. An alarm system only warns you when a burglar has already entered your home. A burglar will of been and gone by time the police or security agency turns up to inspect the scene. A good first point of concern would be to prevent the would be burglar from entering the home in the first place. Good quality high security locks do not have to cost the earth. Affordable Glasgow locksmith have a range of security locks that will secure your home for less than you think.

3. If your keys don’t quite workand you have to jiggle the keys to get it to operate. Consider changing your locks. The process could be caused by incorrect keys that were not cut properly. The continuous process of using these poorly cut keys can in the long run damage your locks. This in turn can prevent the locks from working and in the worst scenario could cause your door to jam up. If the door is in the locked position it could lock you in.

4. If your door is fitted with an oval or euro type cylinder. These locks are typical on PVC, composite, aluminum and wooden doors fitted with a multipoint locking mechanism. New build flats are also an issue. Timber type doors fitted with a lockcase and euro are easy targets for burglars. If the lock can be got to and the cylinder is exposed the lock can be easily snapped and entry gained within seconds. Should consider changing your locks to a high security lock cylinder. This will prevent this type of access.

For more information or advice please feel free to contact Affordable Glasgow Locksmith on any issues regarding a lock change in Glasgow.

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