13 Facts about locks

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First known recorded locks were Egyptian used in the days of the pyramids


  1. In Eygptian times having keys was a sign of wealth.
  2. The romans invented the warded lock. Grooves called wards were cut into the keyhole and the key was cut to the keyhole grooves.
  3. The lever lock dates back to roman times.
  4. In ancient rome it was the women that were the key holders and not the men.
  5. The chinese invented the combination lock.
  6. Locks that provided much better protection weren’t invented until the late 18th centuary by Robert Barron an english locksmith who invented the double action lever tumbler lock in 1788.
  7. Harry Houdini was a locksmith by trade before he became famous.
  8. TV and movie depictions of picking locks are vastly exagerated.
  9. Newer biometric locks use finger prints rather than keys to open the locks.
  10. King Louis XVI enjoyed picking locks and making keys
  11. A parrot named Magic in England managed to pick a lock and escape from a car.
  12. Before mass production of locks locks were hand made by locksmiths.
  13. The most basic form of electronic lock is the magnetic lock also known as the mag lock


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