review of Wild Woodgas Stove

This is my review of Wild Woodgas Stove Advantages and disadvantages

This is a great stove for back packing you can use wood or wood pellets. Handy environmentally friendly and lightwieght
Comes complete with stove and cooking pot, stove breaks down and fits inside pot
Cost to buy £25

Need a shield guard as the flame can blow out
If you take it high level i.e. munro's if doesn't work that well
If you take it high level i.e. munros you have to take the fuel which can be heavy up with you 
Boiling water can take a long time 

Conclusion great for basecamp or trekking, poor for munro bagging

Would I buy again if had to - No to cumbersome, and limited to were you can use it.


This is my review



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