Repairing a UPVC Door the right way!

upvc-door-repair-glasgowThe job was to repair the mechanism. It was an old Yale, obsolete. 

First of all I wasn't going to strip it out and give the home owner a 4 roller mechanism because that's a downgrade in security.

So I measured it up and hit the trade sites looking for a mech that would be better or do the same job as this one.

Mechanism shown left has no latch and the top deadbolt was intermitent.



upvc-door-repairs-glasgowThe new mech ans a 3 deadbolt Lockmaster.

The deadbolts were longer.

As you can see the mech needed to be fit to the door.

So mortising was required.




UPVC-DOOR-REPAIRS-GLASGOWAs you can see the mech fits snuggly in the door.







upvc-door-repairs-glasgowThe door was cleaned thouroughly before adding the handles.







upvc-door-repairs-glasgowNow for the frame.

A little trickier.

The frame was reinforced with aluminium and I didn't want to damage the PVC frame.





upvc-door-repairs-glasgowLook no holes.

The keeps were replaced.

A nice clean job.





upvc-door-repairs-glasgowI used to old handles.

And finished it off with a Brisant High security locking cylinder.

Job done!


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