Alpkit Numo lightweight inflatable sleeping mat Review

Alpkit Numo lightweight inflatable sleeping mat Review

Alpkit Numo lightweight inflatable sleeping mat Review by me

I didn't like it. Felt cheap and wasn't wide enough for me

Bought this from Alpkit cost me £40. Thought great I was getting a bargain. Took it out camping. Packed reasonably small and lightweight.
Took a while to inflate. Felt the plastic as there was no covering. I have wide shoulders and I kept rolling off the mat. Didn't last long though. Punctured after 10mins on a rock or something. Didn't pitch on the rocks.

This proved to be disappointing and put me off the brand.

When I saw it it had all these glowing reviews but all I knew was that I had wasted £40 on what looked like and felt like a Lillo that you would stick in a swimming pool.

Conclusion - not going to buy Alpkit again. there are those who swear by it but I am not one of them.

Would I buy again - no.


This is my review



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