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4 Reasons why you should consider changing your locks

a.l.s. locksmith Glasgow and DumbartonIt is advisable to change the locks on your door to ensure your home remains secure. There are various factors that can influence how often you change them. 

1. Old and Worn Locks

If you notice that your door locks are rusted or worn, they could pose a security risk. It would be easy for a burglar to break in and access your property if the locks are worn or incorrectly fitted.

You might also find it difficult to open your doors with the right key over time if the locks are wearing out. When you realize that your lock does not open as easily as it should, you should consider having them inspected by a qualified locksmith or should they be beyond repair replaced with suitable insurance approved locks. You may find yourself locked out of your house in the middle of the night because the locks wont open. 
2. Robbery

If there has been an attempted or successful robbery on your property, it is definitely time to contact a reputable locksmith to replace or upgrade your door locks. When a burglar enters a property the most commen reason why they succeeded is due to the low quality or poor fitting of the locks.

Also were windows are concerned especially if they can be accessed without the aid of a ladder, you should consider fitting additional window security as windows in the home are more often than not overlooked.
3. Lost Keys

If you should ever loose your keys, for peace of mind, you should consider changing your locks. Changing the locks is a preventative measure that could prevent a break-in. 
4. Moving to a New Home or Rental House

If you are recently moved to a new home, be it a new mortgage or rental, it is advisable to have the locks changed. If you are lucky some landlords may change locks for their tenants but if yours does not, you should insist on a change of keys and if necessary contact a locksmith to seek advice yourself. 

Tenants and previous owners would of made copies to their keys and handed them to family members, tradesmen and friends. Old tenents are usually required to hand in their keys when they leave but all have they have to hand back is the original keys provided with the lease.


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